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Posted by Akshata Sp on

Summer is here! Flip-flops, tank tops, lemonade and a whole lot of sunscreen. For some, this might sound like the best recipe for the season, for the others, not so much. Summer, in reality, isn’t as happy-shiny as we see in the movies. The season comes with its own set of pros and cons; the worst con being sticky skin.

But what if you could tune down the negative factor the summer season brings, just by dressing right? Trust us, it is possible cause it all depends on how you pick your clothes for this hot season. This summer, you might want to wear your favorite garments but before you pick them out, ask yourself if they fall into these three categories that will help make summer a happier season for you.

Fabrics First
We all know fabrics are the first thing anyone would replace as seasons change. We exchange our thick knits for light spaghetti tops during the summer, cotton tees for light cardigans during spring and warm leggings for the winter. For a hot season like this one, we think you should steer away from synthetic clothes like polyester and rayon mainly because these materials trap heat and will make you sweat even more. Instead, wear fabrics like cotton or silk—they are more breathable, better at absorbing sweat and they dry faster too.

Choose Light Colours
As much as we all love our Little Black Dresses, black tees, black skinny jeans etc, the summer demands that they take a backseat in your closet. We’ve heard it from our moms, our friends as well as science backing ‘em up—Dark colours absorb light and can make you feel hot, while light colours reflect light and will keep you cool. So make sure you wear colours like white, peach, baby blue, lemon yellow etc in order to keep your summer OOTDs light and fresh.

Line Up The Loose Clothes 

In the summer we live by the mantra—The Looser, The Better. To make sure you’re uber comfy, it’s important that there is less contact between your body and the fabric of your clothes. Loose white shirts,  flowy maxis, skater dresses are perfect examples of clothes for the summer season. Another thing you should keep in mind while picking out your summer wardrobe is choosing clothes without a lining. The lining adds another layer, and we bet you don’t want an added fabric on yourself, especially when you’re trying to go minimal.

As you put those thick knits away and get your summer wardrobe ready, we hope these tips will help make sure your style is fresh and on point through the season. Trust us when we say that they will not only help you keep it stylish but also make sure you’re always comfortable no matter what. Because at the end of the day, comfort is key! So, are you excited to whip up a new summer wardrobe with this fresh fashion prescription?