Is Your Wardrobe ready to face Winter’s challenges?

Is Your Wardrobe ready to face Winter’s challenges?

 #WinterIsComing but that’s no reason why you shouldn’t look like a million bucks! 

Find out what the winter-essentials for your wardrobe are.

November’s here and so is everyone’s favorite time of the year. Festivities, wedding season, good hair & skin days and of course winter! While it’s downright freezing in some regions, others witness just the right amount of chilly air. And though you’ll want to keep yourself all warm and cuddly during this season there’s absolutely no reason why you need to bring down your style game.

If you’re already thinking of styles, clothing trends and accessories to help you get through this time of year with your ‘style guru’ tag intact, Silly People’s here to help with a set of well-researched fashion-friendly tips. With these wardrobe must-haves by your side, biting cold or chilly weather - you’ll be all set to breeze through the winter.

Sweaters can be Sexy!: A sweater is almost synonymous with the cold. But we’re urging you to think out of the box and pair your regular-looking sweater in a way you never thought of before. The trick of course is to get the right sweater. A classic, simple weave, block color is undoubtedly a wardrobe essential for the winter. However, we recommend getting a size bigger so that you can alternate between an over-sized sweater with boots look or even add a fine belt at the waste as you pair it with an elegant skirt. And if you’re sensing a little extra love for sweaters you could even buy a striped, multi-colored, or plaid design sweater. That said, you can’t really go wrong with the right sweater.

Just do it with Jeggings instead!: We know jeans are a timeless favorite but washing and getting them to dry during the winters can be extremely difficult. May we suggest you explore the beauty of jeggings? They work so well with almost any top, t-shirt, or blouse. The best part is that they are available in thick as well as thin materials. So, whether you’re in need of a pair that needs to shield you from the cold or just protect you from the nip in the air, these should definitely be your go-to!

Stockings are the perfect layering method: Just because winter is here it doesn’t mean you have to ditch those dresses, skirts or shorts you have your heart set on. After all, what do you do on days when your casual-wear needs a little oomph in it? Wear these with a pair of black stockings and tada you have yourself a new look altogether. Remember, layering is the key to staying stylish and comfortably warm during the winters. So whether you want thin material stockings or knitted ones, you’re going to enjoy styling new looks with them.

Winter can actually be the time you bring out your stylish best. No more having to sport under-the-blanket looks work these winter wardrobe hacks instead and get ready to make an impression.