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Is the Doodle Collection for You?

Posted by Jay Shah on

Everyone loves the Silly People Doodle Collection, but are you 1 of the 3 types it was made for?
Read on to find out!

Hand over an empty sheet of paper and a pen to someone, and almost like clockwork, they’ll begin to doodle. Have you ever wondered what makes doodling a much-loved activity to just about everyone – man, woman, young and old. There’s not a soul who hasn’t doodled in his life. While no two doodles may look exactly alike, and every person has a unique doodle style, this blend of drawing and writing takes on a life of its own.

Doodles are expressions free of any limitations. They reflect people’s personalities, motivations, perceptions, and trace out unsaid thoughts, and that’s why we fall in love with their magic. Because just like our wardrobes are unique to us, our doodles too are exclusive to us, and mirror who we are. Having said that, we present to you *drumroll* The Doodle Collection by Silly People.

And yes, you can totally get excited over it because there’s something for everyone. The entire Doodle Collection has this casual charm, magnetic pull, and endearing air to it that’ll make you want one for your own wardrobe. Don’t believe us? Oh well, let’s describe the people we had in mind when designing it, and maybe then you can make your decision.

The creative ones: The first category is for people motivated by creativity. Their minds and hearts are so inspired by being different and unconventional, that garments with an exclusive look are an immediate favorite. These are the people who want to break away from the routine of the expected, and the Doodle collection is there to do just that. Clothes are meant to contribute towards your image, and if you’re a creative person you will want your clothes to give off that vibe. Must we say more?

The detailed ones: Next up are the people all too fond of detail. Whether it is their thoughts, actions, organizational skills, accessories, or possessions they never can get enough of detail. And that remains their life’s mantra when it comes to their clothes too. Why go for the simple or plain when you can wear detail. Oh well, we couldn’t agree more, detail it is. Every garment in the doodle collection bears detail; detail to symbolize every vibe. Cute, sassy, statement-wear, love-struck, blah – we’ve got one for each of these. Admit it! You already want them all, don’t you?

The closet-geeks: Ah now, the third type of people is our favorite – the closet-geeks. We’ve all got some amount of geekiness in us, but a few like to drop a subtle geek hint to the world through their clothes. Oh, we get you alright! And don’t worry, we’re not here to let your secret out! Instead, you’ll find our collection is the perfect mix of geekiness and playfulness; exactly what you need to give in to your closet-geek demands.

So here’s the deal! If you (excitedly or shyly) nodded your head to any of the above types of people, you already know deep down inside that the Doodle Collection is what you were looking for all your life to revamp your casual-wear with. On that note, we’d like to encourage you to go ahead and add some Doodle-drama to your closet!