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Alert: Your Wardrobe needs These!

Posted by Jay Shah on

Your wardrobe may have a ton of clothes but does it have what you really need?

 The minute a plan to meet up or head out, is made the biggest question to hit us all is - ‘what to wear’? More often than not, the cupboard seems to have an abundance of clothes, possibly even clothes tumbling out, so how can it be that you still seem to run short of clothes? Well, Silly People decided to solve this mystery by peeping into the wardrobes of a few chosen ones. After much research, chancing on more than 6358 clothes and reading up on fashion over the years, we managed to identify the problem. It’ll come as a surprise but we’re sure most of you reading this are guilty of the same crime. It turns out that most seem to have several clothes or a variety of styles that keep changing as the fashion trends do but we don’t always stock up on appropriate casual-wear. Wait, what?!

Oh yes, you read right! Does that mean you have to kill the joy of buying things that look great on you or on the mannequin for that matter? Well no! All you’ve really got to do is get in a few wardrobe essentials that are classics and can always be your go-to when you’re confused or short on time. The mind-blowing part about these essentials is that they have the power to rescue you from nearly every garment-problem you might face.

Alright girlies (and guys of course), time to bring out your checklist and find out whether your wardrobe has those till-death-do-us-part garments.

 A pair of well-fitted jeans: Every time you see a good deal or denim pair you can’t resist you may want to indulge and just buy it. And by all means, you should treat yourself! But never forget to guard and keep on your pedestal your trusty pair of jeans – the one that fits like a glove. Because really, with a fit that complements your figure, well, it’s half the battle won. Just get into it and pair it with a top of your choice.

Basic Blacks and Whites: There’s a reason why blacks and whites are referred to as the basics. And that reason is that they never seem to disappoint. Whether you want to dress up and make an impression or dress down and keep it subtle, a black or a white ensemble is the perfect way to go. In fact, these are so essential that the Silly People team would go as far as to say that your wardrobe is incomplete without them.

A formal shirt: This one was a surprise to us too, that is until we dug up some runway looks. Did you know that a formal shirt is actually very versatile and can be worn in more ways than one? In fact, the ones who choose to not box it into being called formal-wear are the ones who find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Uh…not really, but they definitely get awestruck looks and get titled as icons. Basically, with a little research, you’ll figure several ways to wear it too.


And that’s a wrap – we solemnly swear by these wardrobe essentials, so if you find you’re missing one or all of them, you know what to do.