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5 Celebrity Summer Fashion Inspirations

Posted by Akshata Sp on

As seasons change, we all look for inspiration to help us create our own unique style. Remember not to imitate but to allow the people you admire to inspire you. Here are a few celebs who are worth trusting for the latest in fashion trends.


1. Selena Gomez doesn't shy away from wearing black all summer long. Paired with those sunglasses, she has that summer look on point!

Selena Gomez in black outfit


2. Taylor Swift shows off her midriff in a summer friendly casual two piece. We are crushing over the colours she chose to accessorize her look!

Taylor Swift wearing a dress                     


3. Alia Bhatt keeping it cool in oversized outfits. Feeling like your floating will put you in an oh-so summery mood!

Alia Bhatt wearing a dress


4. Kendell Jenner knows just how to stay comfortable. Baggy pants and a crop top are perfect to stay relaxed all day. 

Kendell Jenner wearing trousers


5. Hillary Duff seems to be quite denim lover. This look is ideal for those who cant stay away from denims. Cut 'em up and bring them to life with a snazzy pair of shoes.

Hilary Duff in denim shorts